Matt’s background as a Police Officer and his lived experiences battling post traumatic stress and suicide gives him the ability to tailor a message of resilience, mindset and leadership that can underpin your next workplace training session.

Matt has a unique ability to engage audiences of every demographic creating an exciting atmosphere and a touching experience that will stay with your team.

Matt tells his inspirational and engaging story about resilience and triumph over adversity. After 10 years as a front-line Police Officer with SA Police, witnessing constant human depravity and the failings of the system, Matt was diagnosed with severe Post Traumatic Stress and Depression in January 2015. By August 2015 Matt had almost lost his marriage and family and was battling suicidal thoughts. His deep depression and reckless behavior led to his arrest whilst at work.

The following years resulted in intense recovery, working through a serious identity crisis and challenging his core values.

Matt now works as a Mental Health Advocate for emergency services and military personnel using his lived experience to encourage difficult conversations around mental health self-awareness in attempts to change organisational culture. 

If you have an organisation, workplace or sporting club looking to be challenged and inspired, then contact Matt for your next function.